My career has been rich with a variety of experiences. I served nearly 12 years in the United States Navy, 7 years of which were served as a commissioned officer specializing in practicing and teaching antisubmarine warfare tactics. During the past two decades, I have transformed my love of research and higher education into a career of service as a teacher, mentor, researcher, and senior academic and business leader.   My most current role is Vice President for Research and Accountability and Senior Research Scholar and Faculty at Walden University.  The years spent in the for-profit education sector have helped me bring together the principles of academic quality with business efficiency and scale and allow me to serve my institutions in ways that honor faculty and business leader priorities.

My expertise has resulted in a number of challenging and interesting roles. These include starting an online psychology program for the University of Liverpool (Online), which involved hiring and developing the faculty; working with a cross-organizational team that included accreditors to responsibly close an institution; and consulting with the CEO of an institution over an extended period of time to enact major academic changes. Each of these tasks involved extensive collaboration with stakeholders who did not always agree, significant energy and enthusiasm, and patience.